Fr. Robert Presutti, LC: Helping Others Learn Spiritual Direction

Helping educate spiritual directors

Divine Mercy University and Regnum Christi are teaming up to respond to the need for spiritual directors in the Church. Fr. Robert Presutti, LC, PhD,  is heading the initiative.

Fr. Presutti teaches at Divine Mercy University and has been involved in higher education for a number of years. He leads a team of 12 experts in psychology, Catholic spirituality, and spiritual direction, who will be offering the course. He responded to questions via email.

What is the history of training spiritual directors in Regnum Christi? How did you get involved?

Fr, Robert: The great importance of spiritual direction in our lives and for our apostolates is no secret.  With the growth of Regnum Christi in North America, it became clear that we needed to expand the opportunities for spiritual direction for our own and for those who benefit from our work. This meant training more spiritual directors or guides. Over the years, various localities made an effort to do so and, most notably, spiritual director courses were organized for the territory at Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center in the Washington, DC, metro area. These courses were spearheaded by Fr. John Hopkins and involved the active collaboration of lay and consecrated members and other Legionaries. For years, this program at Bethesda — subsequently replicated in various locations and furthered by the involvement of the RC Spirituality — yielded many good and holy fruits, but it became clear that the opportunity for training needed to extend further. This is where DMU came in...

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